Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness. Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby(1826-93)

As one grows older, muscle tone, flexibility and stamina wane…the good news it can all be improved by daily exercise. Do some physical activity every day and feel the difference!

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THE PLACES YOU’LL GO! Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!

You’ll be on your way up!
You’ll be seeing great sights!
You’ll join the high fliers
who soar to high heights.

You won’t lag behind, because you’ll have the speed.
You’ll pass the whole gang and you’ll soon take the lead.
Wherever you fly, you’ll be the best of the best.
Wherever you go, you will top all the rest.

Keep walking, running, squatting, lunging, push upping, planking and crunching!!!

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Take a leap today…do 29 reps of each exercise in your routine, walk 29 minutes longer than usual, and for an added thrill tell yourself at least 29 times you are wonderful!

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Today is THE day…because…your age + 10 years = less muscle mass, which might mean you have said to yourself I can’t do “that” anymore. While there are movements and activities one must leave behind decade by decade, a brisk walk or run, bending and stretching, and posture and balance exercises are movements one should be adding, daily. These activities, aka as exercising, are important as they help us stand up straight by keeping our spine straight, they keep our circulatory system in tip top condition and just as important, these activities keep us connected and happy. Walking or exercising with friends is a great way to enjoy the activity and socialize. By staying active and moving more you will have more energy, sleep better and therefore, feel great. Begin today!

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Motivation creates the mind set to work at achieving a goal. Goal setting is the first and most important step in creating a plan to improve what is important to you. My personal goal was to decrease osteoporosis with vigorous exercise. What is your goal? Lower blood pressure? To increase stamina? To become more flexible? To get out of bed with less aches and pains? To sleep more soundly? To be less sad? Improvement begins with moving……..every single time. You can do it!

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Happy Valentine’s Day



Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  Enjoy this perfect, after workout snack!

Afternoon Snack: Dip Strawberries in Yogurt.

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To fully prepare your mind and body for a successful workout session your first goal should be to complete a full body warm up lasting about eight to ten minutes. The warm up begins to increase the blood flow to your muscles, increase muscle temperature, increase less viscous fluid around the joints, increase your heart rate and increase range of motion. A well designed warm up will include the major muscle groups and joints from head to toe. The warm up is designed to be done slowly and methodically with each stretch held for at least ten seconds.

1. Neck – Stand up straight with your feet hip width apart with slightly bent knees. Look straight ahead, now slowly turn your head to the left. Go as far as you can go and hold for ten to fifteen seconds. Go back to center and slowly turn your head to the right. Repeat four times to each side. Go back to center, now tilt your head back and hold for ten to fifteen seconds, bring your head upright  and repeat four times. Now, put your chin to chest and hold for ten to fifteen seconds, bring your head upright and repeat four times.

2. Shoulders and Chest – Stand up straight with your feet hip width apart with slightly bent knees. Put your arms out straight out from you sides, parallel to the floor with your palms facing back, now slowly push your palms toward the wall behind you. Do not pump. Stretch your arms backward as far as you are able and hold for ten to fifteen seconds. Bring arms down to your side then repeat again four times. Shoulder circles – Again, raise your arms straight out from your side  and parallel to the floor, palms facing down. Begin moving your arms forward in a circular motion. Begin with small circles and slowly move to large circles. After about fifteen seconds reverse the circles and go backwards beginning with large circles then move down to small circles. Do slowly.

3. Torso – Stand up straight with your feet hip width apart with slightly bent knees. With your arms at your sides slowly bend to the left and slide your left arm down your left leg. Go as far as you are able and hold for ten to fifteen seconds. Repeat four times. Stand up and repeat on your right side.

4. Hips – Stand up straight and hold on to the back of a sturdy chair. Raise your right leg slightly off the ground keeping it straight, begin to swing the leg forward and backward, slowly. Complete eight swings to the front and back on the right side then switch to the left. Next, keeping your leg straight lift your right leg and place it a bit in front of your left leg and begin to swing your right leg to the left then the right, again slowly. Complete eight swings to both the right and left with your right leg then switch to the left leg and repeat.

5. Knees – Lie down on a mat on your back with your arms by your sides and your legs together and stretched out straight. Place your hands under your right knee and bend your knee, now pull the bent leg toward your torso, as far as it will go. You hip will be flexed and the top of the thigh could be touching your abdomen. Pull your bent knee toward your torso and hold for about ten to fifteen seconds. Stretch the right leg out straight and back on the floor and repeat with the left leg.

6. Ankles – Stand up straight and hold on to the back of a chair. Lift your right leg straight out in front slightly off the ground. Begin to make clock wise circles with your right ankle, reverse and make counter clock wise circles. Make eight circles each way then repeat with the left ankle.

After stretching do two minutes of cardio; jogging in place, step ups, use a treadmill or an elliptical. You are now warmed up and ready to begin the exercise portion of the workout session!

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Beginner Workout Protocol

Whether you are brand new to working out or have taken a leave of absence, there is a systematic approach to beginning an exercise program. The protocol is in place to make sure you have a plan with which not to over exercise in the beginning to hinder workouts later in the week,  you must protect your muscles and joints. Find a small space in your home where you can exercise and for the rest of the month I will bring you through a beginner workout program. It will be fun, I promise! And the reward will be you will move and feel great! It is important to get clearance from your doctor before beginning all exercise! Get yourself all set and tomorrow I will begin with warm up exercises.

The protocol is as follows:

Exercise 2-3 times per week with one or two days in between sessions

1 hour session

5-8 minute warm up

8-10 exercises, each muscle group should be worked 2x week

10-15 repetitions

1-2 sets

30-60  seconds rest between exercises

5-8 minute cool down

Cardio is recommended on days in between workout sessions





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This fun and friendly, community-wide, 10-week healthy living challenge is brought to you by the Madison Chamber of Commerce and the recently formed Madison Council on Health and Wellness. It truly is the competition where everyone wins!

MadisonChallenge Souper Bowl kick-off event

The Madison Chamber of Commerce’s third Annual Madison Challenge Health &  Wellness Program kicks off on January 23 from 5:30 to 7pm at the Madison Arts Barn with a “Souper Bowl” party!

The first of three events for participants in the Challenge, this one will focus on healthy eating: soups and chilis, and will provide local restaurants and food vendors the opportunity to showcase a specialty.  Attendees will sample their wares, and have the opportunity to enroll in this year’s 10 week program, which begins on January 30th.  Participation in the Madison Challenge is $10 per person, and online enrollment is available on  Attendance at the Souper Bowl event is free to participants; entry fee for non-participants is $10 per person, which will also cover their enrollment in the program.  Attendees will also receive a Madison Challenge “Goody Bag”, which includes a variety of items from sponsoring businesses, including a pedometer for recording steps during the duration of the program

Attendees must have submitted $10 and preregistered, or register at the door, for the Challenge.  They will make daily updates on the Challenge website to tally points, see video blogs and tips relative to the midpoint healthy exercise event and the health and wellness expo finale on April 12.

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The Best Bicep & Tricep Exercises
Read  this wonderful  article  on  the most basic bicep and tricep muscle exercises and tone up your upper arms!

Begin these easy, straight forward exercises now and by spring your upper arms will be firmer with less jiggle! As with all exercise, talk with your doctor before you begin.

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