Both aerobic and strengthening activities are beneficial to overall good health. Aerobic activities speed your heart rate and breathing as they help improve heart and lung fitness. Aerobic activities will also help reduce anxiety and depression. Strengthening activities will help build and maintain bones and muscles. Stretching exercises will help maintain and increase flexibility. It is important as we grow older to set exercise goals to help slow down the natural aging process of losing muscle strength and joint flexibility.
Set three goals today: 1. When available use stairs instead of an escalator 2. When rising from a chair or couch don’t push off with your hands, use your legs to become upright. 3. ALWAYS remind yourself to stand up straight, shoulders back! ALWAYS.

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Iron is an essential nutrient, as it is part of the hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood.
There are two types of iron found in food which is absorbed by the body; heme and non-heme. Heme is found in meat, poultry and fish and non-heme is found in fruit vegetables, legumes and grains and nuts. Vitamin C greatly increases your body’s absorption rate of the non-heme iron.

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IRON – Cauliflower & Clams in Parsley Broth

Cauliflower & Clams in Parsley Broth

Eat clams! Three ounces of the shellfish provide 24 mg of iron. According to the cdc women ages 51+ need 8 mg of iron per day. Clams are also high in potassium and B12.

A quick, easy, healthy recipe: enjoy!!

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Try out these delicious spinach recipes from the New York Times.  Spinach is one vegetable best served cooked!

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Functions of Water in the Human Body

A clear visual from the Mayo Clinic on how important water is for many functions in the body.

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Water is a very important component of good nutrition and keeping one’s body healthy.

Without water, none of the chemical reactions necessary for life would be able to occur. Water is the massively important to our health and well being. We use water as a medium for moving substances around our bodies, lubricating our joints and digestive system, regulating our body temperature and flushing waste out of our bodies. On average, we need 2 litres of water (about 8 tall glasses) a day but if you are a regular exerciser, you may need more than double that amount. Dehydration can cause a major drop off in performance and is best avoided if possible. Thirst is a very late indicator of being dehydrated so is best avoided by drinking plenty and often.

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Celebrate!! Do something for yourself this spring and form an exercise group! 1. Gather some friends who want to increase flexibility, become stronger and develop more stamina. 2. Decide on a time and a place; your house or the house of a group member…or the beach! 3. Call me. I will design a full body, beginner workout, and will motivate and encourage you to meet goals. Happy, happy spring!

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Exercise Goal – fat loss

Weight loss = eating less + exercise
Fat Loss

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Strive for progress, not perfection. -Unknown

Move more today than you did yesterday…

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march, frolic, skip, jump, hop, run, laugh, climb, bounce, pedal, breathe, hike, hula hoop…..spring is in the air. move every day and feel great!

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