Beginner Workout Protocol

Whether you are brand new to working out or have taken a leave of absence, there is a systematic approach to beginning an exercise program. The protocol is in place to make sure you have a plan with which not to over exercise in the beginning to hinder workouts later in the week,  you must protect your muscles and joints. Find a small space in your home where you can exercise and for the rest of the month I will bring you through a beginner workout program. It will be fun, I promise! And the reward will be you will move and feel great! It is important to get clearance from your doctor before beginning all exercise! Get yourself all set and tomorrow I will begin with warm up exercises.

The protocol is as follows:

Exercise 2-3 times per week with one or two days in between sessions

1 hour session

5-8 minute warm up

8-10 exercises, each muscle group should be worked 2x week

10-15 repetitions

1-2 sets

30-60  seconds rest between exercises

5-8 minute cool down

Cardio is recommended on days in between workout sessions





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